Language influences the way you think. How do you learn to think differently? By thinking and speaking a different language. MYTERN is a transformational language that crosses age and cultural barriers, teaching individuals how to take control of their response to people and circumstance, turning a victim into a victor. Take Emotional Responsibility Now


In this modern life we cannot eliminate the stress and problems that so often negatively impact our lives. However, it is our response to these triggers that  is the key.The language of MYTERN teaches you how to be in control of that response, and that changes everything!

MYTERN Mini’s are short scenarios illustrating how to use the MYTERN language in everyday life.


Making these simple changes to your language can shift your mindset from feeling as though you are in a world over which you have no control, to being in control of your response to people and circumstance. A simple shift but with profound consequences. Keep watching this space for new MYTERN Minis.


Embedding the language into everyday scenarios has proven that it can alter your neural pathways, creating more positive patterns of thought and behaviour.


MYTERN has not only changed lives; it has saved them.

Based on neuroscience and positive psychology, MYTERN creates a language that challenges the cultural patterns of always needing to be happy and trying to be perfect. By constantly picking everyone off the rough roads and placing them on the smooth, people are unable to build their own emotional resilience.


MYTERN teaches self-regulation, replacing blame and judgement with responsibility, empathy and compassion.


Through creating a powerful common language, MYTERN has the potential to change culture; transforming you, your school, your home, and your workplace.


according to MYTERN
G = Governance (control of the steering wheel)
R = Resilience (staying strong when things go wrong)
I  = Intuition (listening to your gut – your internal GPS)
T = Tenacity (staying power on any road)

Who is it for?









What can it do for me?


  • realise that there is no need to blame people or circumstance for how you feel
  • gain control of your emotional responses to everyday stresses and challenges
  • learn that you are not failing when you drive on the rougher roads – you are building your resilience
  • realise that lifting others off the red road (due to the minor daily stressors) is not helping them to build their resilience
  • it doesn’t matter which road you are on, as long as you are in control


The MYTERN skill is based on a simple metaphor, linking unfamiliar concepts (controlling emotions) to familiar ones (driving, roads and steering wheel, GPS) offering individuals an avenue to deepen their understanding. Asking someone what road are you on? is far less intrusive than how are you feeling

The MYTERN metaphor is designed to remove stigma and create objectivity around mental and emotional health: you are the driver and only you have control of your steering wheel, you can’t control anyone else’s steering wheel, each road you drive down is an emotion; and it is only you who decides which road of emotion you will drive down, using your emotions as your GPS.

Roads are not good and bad; they are rough or smooth. Therefore, there are no wrong roads.
The aim is to be in control no matter what road you are on.



Reapo is in charge of the roads that make you feel good. When you are on the smooth, green roads, you are building your health. However, green roads are not good for you if you are out of control (eg. over excited or over confident). 
It’s unrealistic to expect to always be on a green road in control. Only by driving down a rough, red road can you truly appreciate being on a smooth, green one. These roads also provide a place to consolidate all the wonderful lessons learnt while you were on the rough, red roads.



Buska is in charge of the roads that are often uncomfortable. These roads aren’t bad, they are rough. They actually build your resilience and improve your driving skills. The idea is to be able to regain control of your steering wheel, even on a rough road. Being in control on a rough road can be extremely powerful.

It’s time to give a positive meaning to these rough roads. They are the sandpaper of life. They shape who you are. You are NOT failing on these roads – you are growing!


(Trigger for Extra Precaution)

TEPs challenge you by acting as a trigger for you to drive on to a red road and/or make you lose control of your steering wheel. As the roads they send you on to are rough, you need to take extra precaution and increase your concentration to avoid crashing. TEPs can influence you to feel red road emotions such as sad, mad, frustrated, lonely or scared – to name just a few. Often TEPs can be as simple as being stuck in traffic, your hair not behaving, your brother or sister annoying you, looking in the mirror, doing homework, a co-worker, your work environment, or someone chewing loudly in your ear!


(Personal Emotional  Tool)

A PET helps you to regain control of your steering wheel, no matter what road you are on (rough or smooth), allowing you to move towards or steer onto a smoother road. PETs achieve this by distracting you from the thoughts and feelings (TEPs) that have influenced you to steer down that road.

PETs are not the solution. They are designed to be the bridge between the amygdala (fight/flight/freeze) and the prefrontal cortex; taking you from a reactive state to a more creative one. Using a PET is like building a muscle; it strengthens with practise. Examples of PETs: exercise, mindfulness, reading, drawing, dancing, music, breathing, funny cat videos, Maths, video games, glass of wine, chocolate. Beware: PETs, if overdone, can turn into TEPs


Moji represents us. You use the Moji emojis to show whether or not you (or others) are in or out of control of your steering wheel, and how you (or others) are feeling/reacting/responding to people and circumstance.

GPS Genie

GPS Genie is the character who helps you to identify which road you are on. Smooth road? Feeling fantastic? Your GPS is saying that you are on a smooth, green Reapo road building your health. In order to build your health, you need to be in control.
Rough road? Don’t feel so good? Your GPS is telling you that you are on a rough, red Buska road gaining resilience. In order to build that resilience and become a better driver you need to be in control.