We cannot eliminate stress and challenges from our lives. Therefore, as a preventative strategy, MYTERN educates people of all ages how to create health out of everyday stressors; tackling the problem at the ground level, so individuals don’t end up feeling overwhelmed, but in control.


Neuroscience, positive psychology, resilience and mindfulness combine to form the powerful intervention that is MYTERN, which has been empirically proven to positively impact psychological wellbeing, life satisfaction, resilience and distress levels.


MYTERN teaches you that it is your response to life’s challenges that dictates your emotions, and that you can learn to take control of that response.

MYTERN achieves this through creating a common, non-threatening language based on the familiar metaphor of driving; crossing and uniting age, gender and cultural barriers. The skill can be understood in a single session, and is reinforced daily via the MYTERN App, MYTERN SMS and MYTERNCITY Instagram.


As MYTERN replaces blame and judgement with responsibility and empathy, the impact that it is already had on communities is profound.


MYTERN is changing culture.

Who is Jane?


I am a teacher, an educator.


I created the language of MYTERN in response to the increasing numbers of students, teachers and parents who appeared fine on the outside, but on the inside, weren’t coping at all.


Through maintaining the culture of blame, trying to be perfect and keeping everyone constantly happy, we haven’t been taught how to take responsibility for how we respond to people and circumstances. Instead, we constantly blame everyone else for how we feel and expect others to fix it. We also keep picking everyone up (family, friends and colleagues), removing them from the rough roads, and placing them on to the smooth ones.


We are now witnessing the consequence of individuals finding themselves on a rough road with no-one there to pick them up/feeling that they are failing/pretending to be happy, manifesting in increased levels of depression, mental health issues, self-abuse, and even suicide.


Unless we change the culture of ‘being perfect’ (always having to be on a smooth, green road) and judging the rough, red roads as being wrong, mental health issues will continue to escalate. Language influences the way we think, so the best way to change your thinking is to change your language.


Enter the language MYTERN.


It is only by remaining on a rough road in control that you can really improve your driving skills. How can you learn to handle mud on the road if you are always being told to avoid it? Even our definition of resilience – to bounce back- indicates that we must get off the rough roads asap…and the sooner we do, the more resilient we are. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


I urge you to learn the language of MYTERN and help change this culture of ‘perfection’ and having to be ‘happy’ all the time. A culture which is not only ruining life; it is also ending it.

Title: The impact of an emotional fitness and resilience building intervention – Mytern – on the psychological wellbeing, life satisfaction, resilience and distress levels of first year university students

An SMS a day keeps attrition at bay. Findings from an intervention using SMS with first year students from a regional Australian university.

MYTERN: an innovative approach to increase students’ achievement, sense of wellbeing and levels of resilience.