The MYTERN Apps are designed to retrain, not entertain


One of the most powerful PETs (Personal Emotional Tool) that can help transform your thinking patterns, is the MYTERN App. When you download one of the MYTERN Apps you receive a daily text message five days a week (the messages may lose their impact if received every day).


The MYTERN daily messages are designed to:


  • remind you that you are in charge of your steering wheel
  • to be mindful about checking in with your GPS (what road you are on)
  • that it is not the circumstances or people that are making you feel a certain way; it is how you are responding to it
  • that you can be in charge of that response
  • work on creating new neural pathways


These messages can be incredibly powerful and useful, especially in the initial stages when you are trying to master the skill of MYTERN – transforming it into a daily habit. As Dr Foster found in her research with first year university students; it can literally save lives.


It’s the daily repetition of the message that helps utilize the neuroplasticity of your brain, creating healthier pathways and a healthier you πŸ™‚


The new Emoji App is now here! Install the keyboard and send your MYTERN Emojis to friends via SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, emails and Facebook. You can also explore the emojis here.

MYTERN (expanded version)



  • view animated tutorial
  • explains how the app works based on neuroplasticity
  • contains the MYTERN Mini Manual outlining the MYTERN skill
  • delivers a daily message (Mon – Fri)
  • can customise the time of message delivery
  • previous messages are kept in a message bank within the app
  • contains a PET (Personal Emotional Tool) bank containing photos designed to make you relax and smile
  • add to the PET bank by uploading your own photos that make you smile
  • choose to use only your photos
  • when you open the daily message, you are asked to indicate whether you are on a rough, red road or a smooth, green road
  • indicate red, then a PET (in the form of a positive photo that you have uploaded) appears. You can then opt to swipe and read the daily message
  • indicate green, a message appears with the option to swipe and reveal a photo PET
  • links to social media

MYTERN Messages (light version)



  • delivers a daily message via notifications
  • messages appear 5 days a week starting from the day you sign up
  • request an extra message when you need one
  • stop and restart the messages any time