In order to positively influence your thinking and behaviour, MYTERN created a unique way to use language. What better way to reinforce this than by creating special MYTERN emojis.

The MYTERN Emojis enable you to understand yourself and communicate with others simply by using the characters of Buska, Reapo, Moji, GPS Genie, TEP and PET. No words are needed.

Download the MYTERN Emoji app to begin using the emojis. They can be added to all forms of social media…SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, emails, Facebook. Encourage others to download the app so that they can join the conversation.


Reapo represents when you are on a smooth, green road, feeling emotions such as happy, confident, peaceful, loving, generous or excited.


Buska represents when you are on a rough, red road feeling emotions such as angry, sad, frustrated, jealous, disappointed and mean.


PET is a Personal Emotional Tool. It’s personal, which means that your PETs may be different to other people’s PETs. You will find that PETs need to be both visible and invisible and they will need to continually evolve with you. You use the PET emojis to represent different ways that you (or others) can regain and maintain control of your steering wheel.


TEP is a Trigger for Extra Precaution, challenging you to go onto a rough, red road or lose control on either road. A TEP doesn’t make you go there. That’s your choice. TEP’s are not good or bad, they are challenges – ones that help you improve your driving skills, increasing your levels of resilience and ability to cope with the rough roads or being out of control on any road. You use the TEP emojis to represent the challenges that are influencing you (or others) to go onto a rough road or out of control on either a rough or smooth road.

GPS Genie

GPS Genie is the character who helps you to identify which road you are on. Smooth road? Feeling fantastic? Your GPS is saying that you are on a smooth, green Reapo road
building your health. In order to build your health, you need to be in control.
Rough road? Don’t feel so good? Your GPS is telling you that you are on a rough, red Buska road gaining resilience. In order to build that resilience and become a better driver you need to be in control.


Moji represents us. You use the Moji emojis to show whether or not you (or others) are in or out of control of your steering wheel, and how you (or others) are feeling/reacting/responding to people and circumstance.

Introducing Moji

Allowing others to take control
When you or others let people or circumstance take control of your steering wheel. This is when you seem powerless and feel like a

Blaming Others
When you say things such as ‘ It’s their fault’ or ‘They made me’ and believe that it has nothing to do with you. This then leaves you thinking that you have no power and you feel like a victim.

Blaming Self
Represents the times when you feel that everything is your fault. Often this can make you feel inadequate and overwhelmed.

Building Health
When you (or others) are in control on one of Reapo’s smooth, green roads. That’s when you are building your health.

Building resilience
When you (or others) are in control on one of Buska’s rough, red roads. That’s when you are building your resilience.

Represents those moments when you (or others) choose to let go of blame and resentment. It does not mean you condone or excuse their behaviour. You are just moving on.

In control
Shows that you have control of your steering wheel on either a rough or smooth road.

Means that either you or someone else is judging people or circumstance. 

Out of control
Shows that you are out of control on either a rough or smooth road.

RAS (Reticular Activating System) is a filter in your brain that makes sure that what you focus on, you find. RAS Moji indicates that you might need to change your focus or you have changed your focus.

Stuck on the roundabout
Represents moments when you or others don’t really know how you are feeling, or you know how you are feeling and that you are experiencing both roads at once.

Well Done
Shows yourself or others that they have done a good job in regaining or maintaining control of their steering wheel, or they have simply done something positive. 

Introducing Pet

Represents anything creative. For example: painting, drawing, writing, acting or gardening.

Being loving, thoughtful, kind and caring. Showing a willingness to help others – without judgement.

Represents anything that gets you moving. For  example: walking, running, skipping, dancing, weights, bike riding, skate boarding or swimming.

Represents either you wanting a friend or being a friend to another person or animal. Being able to talk to, think of or just be with them.This may be face to face or via a device.

When you give to someone else in the form of something you can see (flower, cup of coffee), or something that you can’t see (time, love, space, understanding) without expectation.

Healthy Living
When you reach for some food or drink that makes you feel good and is healthy for you – helping you to feel better in the long term.

When you want a hug or you give someone else a hug. Sometimes the person or circumstance doesn’t need words. A heart felt hug can work magic.

When you stop to be in the moment. This may involve breathing, meditation, looking out at the sea or just being in nature.

When you want to focus on something else for either a short moment or a longer time. It can range from a quick funny video on your phone to a feature length movie.

Involves anything to do with music and rhythm such as singing, listening, drumming, clapping, playing an instrument and dancing.

Can involve being alone with a book or device, or reading to/with someone else.

When you show appreciation towards yourself, others, situations and circumstance. Being thankful for who you are and what you have.

Introducing Tep

When you (or others) feel all alone. This can happen when you’re by yourself, with friends and family, or even in a crowd.

Represents those moments when you are unhappy with what you look like, or feel that others may be judging you. It’s when someone is feeling down about their appearance.  

Represents moments when you (or others) may have opposite views to those around you. It is your choice to express your view either in control or out of control. 

When you (or others) are unable to think clearly and make a decision. This can often happen when you don’t understand a person or situation. 

Represents all electronic equipmement, including wifi. Your device may be out of storage, need charging, broken, slow wifi, or have a virus.

Represents those moments when you (or others) are so hungry that you become angry.

When you (or others) are injured. It may represent the pain and frustration you feel when you can’t participate in your favourite activities.

Represents those uncomfortable moments when you want something that someone else possesses, what they have acheived, or believe that they may have an unfair advantage. 

Public Speaking
When you find speaking or performing in front of other people challenging.

Social Media
Involves gossip, feeling inadequate, or being overwhelmed with trying to project that perfect image.

When life just feels overwhelming. Often your  pulse races, your breathing becomes shallow and you don’t believe that you have enough time to achieve everything.

When you (or others) don’t feel well.