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Suitable for 

  • Workplace
  • Health settings
  • Sporting and local communities


Introductory video: 40 minute introduction to MYTERN which can be watched by your community. Great tool for discussion as you can stop the video and ask or answer questions. Can also use it as a refresher video or for when you have new staff/employees/members.

PDF Resources: 

  • It’s MYTERN to Take Emotional Responsibility Now.
    The complete manual for MYTERN. It explains in-depth what MYTEREN is, how it was created and the research behind it. It is full of activities that are suitable for the individual, families, education, business and beyond.
  • Manuals (Mini and Parent) PDF
    These manuals outline the skill and components of MYTERN. The Mini Manual is a good overview for adults and teenagers. The Parent Manual contains activities for all age groups, explaining how to use the resources.
  • Student reflection sheets PDF
    These are used when there is an altercation or someone has lost control
  • Posters with explanation of each main character PDF
    These can be placed in prominent positions around your environment
  • Information posters PDF
    These are within the character posters and they give a brief outline of the skill of MYTERN
  • City Map posters PDF
    The city map shows the red and green roads. You can print out and laminate the map and put it on the office fridge, offices, toilet door etc and send it home with the instructions on how to use it if you want to involve the families.
  • Picture Story Books of the characters PDF
    These books help explain the four main characters. Great for the parents with younger children
  • Cue cards PDF
    These cards help embed the language of MYTERN as they give suggestions for questions that individuals can ask.
  • MYTERN Checklist (can be used as assessment tool) PDF
    A good assessment tool to use before you begin and then after a few months. Great discussion tool.
  • MYTERN Group Activities
    Excellent way to help embed the skill
  • Weekly parent posts (for newsletter, Facebook or website) PDF
    Excellent way of helping to embed the language into your community. You can create a weekly post that the community centres on each week.
  • Character and logo templates PDF
    These can be used in any of your worksheets, newsletters etc
  • TEP and PET Examples posters PDF
    Excellent way to introduce TEPs and PETs as they give common examples of each. You can then add to the list. Good to send home to families as well so parents can understand the terms TEOP and PET.
  • Individual TEP and PET Template PDF
    Excellent way to help introduce TEP and PET for staff and parents. Each individual has to list their TEPs from minor to major (1-4) and the appropriate PETs that would help that particular TEP.
  • MYTERN Glossary PDF
    Outlining the terms used in MYTERN. Great to have visible and to send home
  • MYTERN 4 Tier Tool
    For those wanting to add it to their behaviour management
  • Giving choice a voice – changing language patterns poster PDF
    Outlines how to replace old language patterns with the new MYTERN ones. Can be used in the office and sent home
    A DIY script to help you navigate through the skill of MYTEWR either at work or at home.
  • MYTERN Emoji Playing Cards
    An excellent way to embed the language, concept and emojis. It creates an activity where you construct your own cards. Download, print out, cut out and glue them together. Great hands on activity to send home for the family.