MYTERN Deluxe Wellbeing Pack (Yearly Subscription)

$144.00 / year and a $300.00 sign-up fee

Initial pack purchase: $444 (which includes the first year’s subscription)
Followed by an annual subscription of $144

A must for both small and large groups/institutions/organisations/clinics

The Deluxe Pack contains over 40 resources that will help individuals of all ages (from 2 years old to 102 years old) regain/maintain their mental and emotional health.

It is suitable for implementation in all areas of education (pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, universities), across businesses, organisations, hospitals, health and sports clinics as well as emergency services and beyond.

The yearly subscription includes continued access to existing resources, new and updated resources and ongoing training.

MYTERN will create a powerful common language across your community which will empower individuals, enabling them to take control of their mental and emotional health, both now and in the future.

Explanation of Resources 


  1. It’s MYTERN to Take Emotional Responsibility Now: The complete manual for MYTERN. A comprehensive book outlining all aspects of MYTERN including its origin, concepts, skills, research, resources, MYTERN Messages and more! It is full of activities and information that is suitable for the individual, families, education, health, business and beyond.
  2. MYTERN Mini Manual – excellent resource to dive deeper and help explain the concepts in a more concise manner
  3. Primary Teacher’s Manual: How to implement MYTERN with younger students. Includes lesson plans and ideas
  4. Secondary Teacher’s Manual: How to implement MYTERN with older students. Includes lesson plans and ideas linked to the MYTERN Mini Manual
  5. Parent Manual: outlining how to embed the language into the family – including explanations, activities, games and lessons



  1. Introductory video for staff, parents and older student classes: 1 x 40-minute introduction to MYTERN which can be watched by staff, parents and older students. Great tool for discussion as you can stop the video and ask or answer questions. Can also use it as a refresher video or for when you have new staff (included in Video Resource Library)
  2. Young Children’s Video Set: 10 x 30 min videos following a Playschool format, keeping young children entertained whilst learning the MYTERN language and skills. Excellent for children aged from 2 – 10 years old.
  3. Teenager/Young Adult Video Set: 8 x approx. 5min videos. Excellent for students/teenagers/young adults aged between 10 – 21 years old.
  4. Adult Video Set: Excellent for all adults
  5. MYTERN Mini Scenario Set: 6 x 3 min videos MYTERN Mini Scenarios to illustrate how to use the language in everyday life
  6. Video Resource Library: A comprehensive list of videos of primary and secondary teachers and principals discussing MYTERN. Great for staff, parent and student meetings. Individual videos cover such topics as: How to introduce MYTERN; Why choose MYTERN?; The impact of MYTERN; A language not a program; Integrating MYTERN into the curriculum; Student and parent perspectives; TEPs and PETs etc.
  7. MYTERN Song and Dance Video (included in Video Resource Library


Picture Story Books 

  1. Buska: The character in charge of the rough, red roads
  2. Reapo: The character in charge of the smooth, green roads
  3. TEP (Trigger for Extra Precaution): The character who influences you to drive on to a rough road or lose control on any road – rough or smooth
  4. PET (Personal Emotional Tool): The character who helps you regain and maintain control on any road – rough or smooth
  5. TEPs in the Night: TEPs in the Night is a story about a 6-year-old boy who often gets scared in the middle of the night. He always runs into his parents’ room for comfort……Until one night, when his mother suddenly asks herself, “What happens if we’re not here? What if he is staying with someone else?” This then leads them on a journey of discovery, culminating in Max finding his PETs and learning to handle his own fears. Have fun finding the hidden TEP in every page! (There is also a video link to a reading of the book by Janie Findlay in the Video Resource Library).
  6. Family in Lockdown: The story is about the challenges that the Maloney family experience while they are in lockdown, and how they successfully face those challenges by adopting the language and concepts of MYTERN
  7. Adapting to a New World: Our world is changing daily and the future is unknown. This story continues to follow the Maloney family. It describes how each member of the family face their own challenges when they find out that the lockdown has ended and that they have to now return to school and work. Learn what challenges they face and how they overcome them. An essential tool for these unique times.



  1. 2 x 6 x posters (lower and upper) explaining each main character (Buska, Reapo, TEP, PET, Moji, GPS Genie. These can be used in each room or placed in prominent positions around the school/institution/clinic
  2. Information posters (primary and secondary). These are within the character posters and they give a brief outline of the skill of MYTERN
  3. City Map posters: The city map shows the red and green roads. One map has Reapo and Buska roads as the heading, whereas the other one has rough and smooth roads. You can choose to use either one no matter what age group you are dealing with. This also comes with instructions for the Family Magnet. Rather than purchasing the magnet, you can print out and laminate the map and send it home with the instructions on how to use it.
  4. TEP and PET Examples posters. Excellent way to introduce TEPs and PETs as they give common examples of each. You can then add to the list. Good to send home to families as well so parents can understand the terms TEP and PET.
  5. MYTERN Glossary. Outlining the terms used in MYTERN. Great to have visible and to send home
  6. Giving choice a voice – changing language patterns poster. Outlines how to replace old language patterns with the new MYTERN ones. Can be used in the classrooms, offices, clinics and sent home
  7. MYTERN DIY. A Do It Yourself script to help you navigate through the skill of MYTERN either at home, school or work. Good for older students to have their own copy


Activity Sheets and Resources: 

  1. MYTERN Training Certificate: To be used for Professional Development after watching the appropriate training video/s
  2. Character and logo templates. These can be used in any of your worksheets, newsletters etc.
  3. MYTERN Checklist (can be used as assessment tool). A good assessment tool to use before you begin and then after one or two terms. Great discussion tool.
  4. Student reflection sheets. These are used when there is an altercation or someone has lost control
  5. Cue cards. These cards help embed the language of MYTERN as they give suggestions for questions that teachers or student leaders can ask while in the classroom or out in the playground or oval.
  6. MYTERN Group Activities. Excellent way to help embed the skill
  7. You can print these and make up games with the main character cards
  8. Weekly parent posts (for newsletter, Facebook or website). Excellent way of helping to embed the language into your community. You can create a weekly post that the community centres on each week.
  9. Individual TEP and PET Template PDF.  Excellent way to help introduce TEP and PET for staff, students and parents. Each individual has to list their TEPs from minor to major (1-4) and the appropriate PETs that would help that particular TEP.
  10. MYTERN 4 Tier Tool. For those wanting to add it to their behaviour management
  11. MYTERN Award. This is a special award when a student/individual/family/group is able to demonstrate the qualities of MYTERN. Could be a weekly/monthly award.
  12. MYTERN Emoji Playing Cards. An excellent way to embed the language, concept and emojis. It creates an activity where you construct your own cards. Download, print out, cut out and glue them together. Great hands on activity.
  13. MYTERN Emojis which can be used in texts, emails, and all social media to help communicate mental and emotional health without having to use words