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Using Social and Emotional Education (MYTERN) to influence Emotional Intelligence in Year 8 Students

Christian College Geelong Rebecca Barry

Independent research using social and emotional education (MYTERN) to influence emotional intelligence in Year 8 students found after 7 sessions that:

  1. MYTERN increased student’s ability to be emotionally self- aware and accurately assess their emotional state.
  2. MYTERN increased self-management and emotional self-control.
  3. MYTERN increased student’s social awareness skills through perspective taking and having empathy.
  4. MYTERN positively influenced relationship awareness skills as students cultivated an increased capacity for prosocial behavior and conflict management.


Student 8 responded “before MYTERN I would probably blame other people for putting me on a red road, now I am aware that I am the one that is putting myself on that road”.


Student 11 noted, “MYTERN gives me the awareness to understand what road I am on and understand that I can change direction any time I choose to”.


“Before MYTERN I would over react, blame others, feel over-whelmed and take it out on other people. Now I will reach for a PET”.


Student 4 answered, “I was very quick to think and make my decisions of who was right and wrong, now I take my time, do deep breaths and gather my thoughts before coming to a conclusion”.


“I am now more aware of what other people are going through and to have empathy for others” (Student 3).


“Before MYTERN I would have contained my emotions and let it build up, but now I know to ask for help”.

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