MYTERN Introductory Course

Welcome to MYTERN, the introductory course.

Tern stands for Take Emotional Responsibility Now, because so many of us aren’t taking responsibility. Many of us are feeling out of control as we have fallen into the pattern of blaming something outside us for how we feel. It’s now time to take back that control.

Where better to start than with emotional responsibility. It’s MY TERN because it’s not your TERN, it’s not our TERN, it’s not we TERN, it’s actually my TERN. When you take individual responsibility, you become an example for those around you, be it your family , friends or colleagues.

Over the next few weeks you will be slowly introduced to the individual components that make up the skill and language of MYTERN.

Lesson One – An introduction

  • the acronym TERN (Take Emotional Responsibility Now)
  • the culture of blame
  • the damage created when we continually rescue everybody
  • the metaphor of the red and green roads
  • the importance of rough and smooth replacing good and bad

Lesson Two – Control

  • metaphor of the steering wheel
  • can be out of control on any road
  • TEP (Trigger for Extra Precaution)
  • PET (Personal Emotional Tool)

Lesson Three – Consequences

  • Consequences of being out of control on a red or green road
  • Consequences of being in control on either road
  • Influence of TEP and PET re control/out of control

Lesson Four – Scenarios – Illustration of practice

  • expressing emotions without words
  • others pointing out that you are on a red road
  • being honest about how you feel
  • naming up TEPs to those around you without blame
  • can’t control emotions (chemicals) but you can control the thought which produces the emotion
  • using the MYTERN wristband to demonstrate control
  • don’t get caught up in ‘what happened’
  • the importance of knowing your PETs
  • the distortion of social media
  • road rage

Sign up for the course and give yourself the gift of learning to Take Emotional Responsibility Now.